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Monday, April 24, 2006

Amel is Still Making Pretty Music

I am so excited because tomorrow, Amel Larrieux's new album, Morning is finally out. Log on here and you can listen to the entire album before it hits stores. If you are not a fan, I completely understand. ( Now, I love me some music and since the music that is coming out today is just now up to its game. Of course, most of the artists that are out now won't be making music in 10 years, they are definitely not worth the cost of a CD. I love music and have a HUGE collection, but I have had to diversify my listening choices. I can't rely on good music from the TV, I have to seek and search out. Thank goodness for the web. If you are open to new music and have an open acceptance to variety, you have got to check out the Chillcast from Anji Bee. Anji sings with the LoveSpirals and the music is just cool. I heard one of her songs during my yoga class, yes we listen to more than just chanting stuff and had to buy a couple of things. Some of the artist even offer free downloads on their own websites. Here's a link to her website and podcast. Totally cool. ( Also, what did we do before IPODs. I can't even remember. I am always shocked to still see people on the metro with CD players and headphones. I mean, I have a 20gb and still feel that is not enough. I am totally into the podcast culture and realize that almost half of my IPOD was podcasts so I had to delete some music so the computer wouldn't stop working. So, here I am waiting on the new Amel. Also, the cutie from LA, Avant has a new one out tomorrow as well. He still has sold his R&B soul to the devil so I still keep him around. I just hope that these new CDs are iTune compatible otherwise, I will have to buy them twice if they won't load. On to beauty. I am getting ready to have a few busy months due to my day job, but it will all be worth it when I go on a 2 week Mediterranean cruise in August. Of course, I will have to bring my laptop to report on beauty trends abroad, but right now it's making sure my butt looks half way decent in a swimsuit, especially since the majority of the beaches in Europe you can go topless if you want. That's another subject, so I am feeling the love toward my Avon Plant Spa Arizona Hot Sands Smoothing & Toning Body Clay. You apply to your stomach, butt and thighs and wait for the tingling sensation to start. It exfoliates and firm. It's not than expensive $7.50, smells great and much cheaper than the Clarins version. ( Yesterday was official spring cleaning day. My tiny apartment was made spotless and for dinner I ordered takeout. Once I got it, I decided that I just can't do Chinese takeout anymore. I have been cooking gourmet food and meals and just couldn't see doing this when my place was so spotless. So I boxed everything for lunch and prepared an easy crab ravioli. But, there is one thing about cooking, it makes a tiny apartment really smell. My solution has been the Soyology candle in Sprig. I picked this up at my yoga studio, Tranquil Space and I am now hooked. It smells clean and eliminates all orders. If you live in the DC area and haven't been to the Cezanne exhibit at the National Gallery of Art, get thee over there quickly. It is going back to Provence, France in May. I love the French impressionists and Cezanne's pictures of his family home in Provence are gorgeous. It took me back to the 3rd floor of the Musee d'Orsay in Paris where the Manets, Monets and Degas exist beautifully together. The art at the Gallery is breathtakingly pretty. Also, it's free, so why not enjoy the free culture this city has to offer. I am thankful that so many of you ladies have responded so positively to my little blog. My cousin thinks it's the funniest thing that people are so into makeup. I keep telling her that she is in the minority. I hope everyone has a very pretty week.


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