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Monday, April 10, 2006

Foodie Weekend

The weather wasn't very pleasant on this past Saturday, but the highlight of my crazy and busy week was meeting Giada de Laurentiis. No, she is not in the beauty business, she is a chef and has her own own show on the Food Network called "Everyday Italian." Of course, I had to show my groupie love for her because I have literally cooked almost all of the recipes in her 1st cookbook, Everyday Italian and I am so excited to get started on her new one, Giada's Family Dinners. I know that most women these days are way too busy and stressed to even think of cooking, but her recipes are easy, colorful, quick and wonderfully delicious. Not only do I spend my weekends in pursuit of the best makeup and beauty products, I also spend it trying new recipes and wine. I am so excited that this weekend is my cousin Cassy's birthday. I love being able to provide her with lots of lip gloss because she doesn't particularly buy the "higher" end stuff, so I come through every year. It's my ritual. I scope out pretty colors and then send them to her. I won't post what they are until next week because I don't want her to know what she's getting. So, in the meantime, this is my p.m. beauty routine. I must for warn that this list is extensive. Again, I am on the other side of 30, so I don't think the ladies under 30 should start using some of them. Also, if you don't like the greasy look at night, you might want to try something a little to your liking. I know I go to bed looking like a wet seal, but it's worth it to me. So here goes.
  1. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser. I already mentioned I love Oil of Olay, so I use the Foaming Face Wash. I often switch this up and use Dermalogica's Extra Cleansing Gel which is easy on the face.
  2. After washing, I apply witch hazel as my toner. I know this is drying, but it works for me. Sometimes I switch up and use Kiehl's Rosewater Toner without alcohol, but lately it's just been the WH.
  3. I apply an under eye cream, specifically targeted for evening. I figured if I use the inexpensive during the day I can splurge on my nights, which I believe is more important. I use Sisleya Eye Cream. Now ladies, this stuff is an arm and a leg in the U.S., so I purchase this in Europe and save at least $75-100. I know you are thinking that's a lot of money, but I drive a very inexpensive car to afford my beauty products.
  4. I then apply Sisley's throat cream. Yes, I use a throat cream. I don't want to end up like a turkey on Thanksgiving before my time.
  5. Next, it's a serum. I used to use Revive, which was created by a top plastic surgeon. Of course, a plastic surgeon should know preventative skin care. I switched to one by Chanel and saved a ton of money. Do I miss the Revive. Of course. When I go to Europe I plan to see how much it is there and hopefully I can save myself a few euros.
  6. I then apply moisturizer. Sometimes I use plain old Vitamin E oil, or Bobbi Brown's Vitamin E cream. I also use Bobbi Brown's Extra Moisturizing Cream, which has the chemistry and makeup of Creme de la Mer. Have I used Creme de la Mer before. Of course, but I figured since Estee Lauder owns both, why not go with the less expensive one. So far it's been doing the job.

By now I'm sure you are going this girl is out of her mind, not really. I just don't want to be one of those women that my friend and makeup artist Sheryl T. Always talks about when I get a makeover. We will spend a fortune on a handbag and our faces look like a mile of dirt road. Don't be one of those women. You only have one face, preserve it as much as you can. As Mikki Taylor wrote in her book, Self Seduction, make an aesthetician part of your temple management team right next to your hairdresser. You won't thank me now, but in 10 years it's worth it.

Au revoir and tout au sujet du joli (Good bye and All About The Pretty in French).


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