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Thursday, June 01, 2006

With A Friend Like Tanya I Will Always Feel Pretty

Every woman should be blessed to have a friend who is a makeup artist and works for a makeup company. I am so fortunate to have a few who always keep me abreast of the latest lip glosses and beauty products to hit the cosmetic counter. My friend Tanya is such a person. Not only is she a great makeup artist, but a beautiful friend and person inside and out. I love that when we get on the phone we can dish about beauty products as if the Oscars are on daily. Last night I was able to get home at a decent time, cook and have a great glass of wine. I start flipping through my new Smithsonian member catalog and Tanya calls to see how I'm doing. We did the usual pleasantries and then the beauty marathon talk began. I am informed that I need these MAC products in my beauty arsenal right now. I am also told that they are launching June 1 and I need to get my beauty self down to the store and pick them up. I tell her that I just bought a bronzer from MAC, but no she tells me I need the Hooked Refined Enriched Bronze Bronzing Powder in the ever so fabulous irisdescent turquoise package. What is a girl to do. I listen and was also informed that I needed Sundressing Collection's Glamoursun Tinted Lip Glass and Lure Collection's Phosphorelle Tinted Lip Glass. I really began to shake my head until she tells me that Phosphorelle looks like the Elle lip glass from last year. I go "really, you gave that to me as a 'sister friend' gift." She immediately replies, "well I didn't mean to." We both crack up in hysterical laughter. I then hear her bemoan about how she couldn't find hers and didn't know what happened to it and she thought she lost it. I reiterated she gave it to me. Then she says, "I'm really sick now." We continued to laugh. I was also told to buy the Motif eyeshadow because it looks gold but goes on pink. I tell her I will take a look tomorrow. She states, "Julia, you need to buy, not look. You need these products in your life." I keep laughing, I have so many beauty products now because I desperately needed them in my life. She says to trust her. I just returned from the store with the above mentioned products. Since I don't know how long Phosphorelle will be around, I buy two for safe measures. Better safe than sorry in the beauty world. I take out an eyeshadow brush. (I leave a set of inexpensive brushes at my desk). I put the Motif on from lash to crease. Ladies, we all need some Motif in our lives. I'm having a really pretty day. Thanks again Tanya and LYLAS (Love You Like a Sister).


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