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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Beauty Makeup and Fall Fashion Preview

Last night I attended the Fall Fashion Preview at the very pretty and elegant Corcoran Gallery of Art. I really love this museum and they have one of the city's best lecture programs. Edward Allen of the Nordstrom East Coast Fashion Office and THE Michael Fink of Saks discussed and showed a DVD presentation of what will be in for fall fashion, accessories and beauty. My main focus was of course the beauty. Here is a quick run down of what will be "All About the Pretty" for Fall 2006. Clothing: Volume, layering, leggings, black, fabric and less ornamentation. Accessories: The big bags are here to stay and will feature exotic skins such as crocodile, snakeskin, etc. Beauty: Here is where I am having some problems. The faces are supposed to bare and the nude look is in which I absolute hate. I believe all women need color somewhere on their face, even if it's a little pink on the apples of the cheek. According to M.A.C.'s Gordon Espinet: "Beauty this fall asks women to embrace their masculine sides. Brows are fuller and less arched, skin is matte and taupe is the new pink. It's very much about no color - not girly. It's also very much about lined and smudged eyes emitting the smoke signals of dark romance." PPPPLLLEEEAAASSSEE. All women want to feel pretty and everyone knows smoky eyes have to be toned down according to one's day job. I plan to invoke a "less made" up face with beautiful lashes and a strong mouth with a beautiful red lip. Summer hasn't even began and now we have to focus on fall. I've had two wonderful nights of culture. On Monday, my friend Janelle (another bibliophile) and I went to a book signing at Olsson's in Penn Quarter to see Curtis Sittenfeld read and sign from her new book The Man of My Dreams. Curtis is also the author of Prep. Prep was voted one of the 10 Best Books of 2005 by the New York Times Book Review. It is a great coming of age story about a young lady going through bordering school on the East Coast. It's similar to J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, only this time Holden is Lee Fiora. If you are a fan of great literature this should definitely be in your library. I recommended it to Janelle, but when she first saw the cover I think there was a little doubt. One 5-hour plane ride later and she was hooked. We are both now devoted fans of Curtis Sittenfeld. The prose is superb, the writing intriguing and it's really great to sometimes read a book that challenges the mind. The week has been wonderful and "oh so pretty." Have a great "hump" day. The weekend is almost here.


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