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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dior Does Yoga

On Friday night I participated in my first Hip Hop Yoga Class. I'm sure you are thinking, "what the . . . ." Ladies it was so much fun. My yoga studio held it's quarterly Hip Hop Yoga class and I tell you I sweated like nobody's business. I would have never thought you could get your down dog, warrior 1 and 2 going to Eminem and Jay-Z, but it was well worth the two hour class. Of course being a newbie I was really able to focus on my breathing and posing while trying not to sing along to the music. Yes, I said two hours. I was whipped and hurting so bad Friday night that I took an old school bath in Epsom salts to alleviate some of the pain of these sore muscles, but it was well worth it. But the greatest thing about the class was realizing that my DiorKiss lip gloss stayed on the entire time. Through the sweating and chugging of water, it stayed on. I purchased the Caramel Apple color after Ms. Toya said she loved it. Thanks again lady. It had a vibrant color, but the best thing about it was it stayed pretty on my brown lips. I was so excited because I hate having dry lips after exercising. It truly irritates me. I have realized that the DiorKiss is going to be a staple in the lip gloss bag of my life. The DiorKiss stayed on and I left class sweaty, stretched out due to lots of hip opening poses and feeling cute because I didn't have to touch up my lips before hitting the metro. So today, I am at my day job which currently pays the lip gloss bills and what do I have on. DiorKiss. Have a very pretty mother's day. P.S. To Ms. Anonymous, if you email me I will give the information on the nail salon in Houston.


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