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Thursday, May 04, 2006

My Skin Is Playing Tricks On Me

I wake up this morning, burned out, exhausted and tired from the past three days. No, it hasn't been lip gloss and late night magazine reading, but 60 hours of work in three days. Not counting the fact I worked all weekend. I am pooped, definitely. Could I fall asleep right now typing this, yes. But, I have to work late again tonight. What I have found happens when I work long hours, not enough sleep and not enough proper nutrition is lackluster skin. There is no glow just sallow skin and not pretty. This is when I thank God everyday for the power of makeup. Beauty products are the guiding light to all women at all the times. As I try to listen to the morning news, I focus on a rather dry patch on the side of my nose. When did that happen. I realize that I haven't been drinking enough water. So I vow to get in an extra liter today. I do a quick exfoliation and then proceed to "putting on good face." Even though I am dog tired, there is a highlight. Yesterday I received my AVON order. Yes, I love AVON too and wanted to try out this new concealer brush that I purchased from their Mark line for the bargain basement bottom price of $5.
I grab my Prescriptives Camouflage Cream (I switch between this one and the Bobbi Brown concealer) and apply to the undereye area. I find that the concealer sets better if I have applied eye cream and moisturizer and let them set for 5 minutes. I must say I was impressed. The brush is not as great as the higher end versions because the bristles are rather stiff. You must use a gentle hand because they poke. I feel my Trish McEvoy concealer brush and compare. For the price the AVON is great and inexpensive for those who aren't ready to invest in higher brushes. It did get the job done, but you can definitely tell the difference. I also purchased the Mark Blush+Bronzer Brush. I used my Bobbi Dual Compact with bronzer for this brush. I applied the bronzer part first to create a contour, applied blush to the apples up to the hair line. I followed through with my Brownie Brick, which I am addicted to, until the next one comes out. I applied Marks Kiss Therapy Super Soothing Lip Balm in Sheer Peach. I really like these beauties. They remind of the Smith Rosebud Salve. I plan to purchase the Sheer Red and the Original. I love lip balms and these are really great. I finished with perfume. marks White Tea-Vanilla Scent Mist. I love to layer my vanilla and topped off with my new Jill Stuart's Vanilla Lust perfume. I might be exhausted, but I look rested. Makeup is the great transformer.
Have a pretty day. Au Revoir.


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