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Friday, June 09, 2006

The Pretty You Find When You Aren't Looking

I love finding the unexpected when you aren't actually looking. On yesterday I was able to find my perfect "fall nude" lip look without searching. After another 60+ hour week, I needed to walk out of the office and just take a much needed break. I headed over to H&M and picked up a few t-shirts and hoop earrings, but as I started back to the office, walked into Hecht's and here's what I found. I am not professing to be the next Rita Dove or poet laureate, but this cute and goofy rhyme popped into my head. All products by MAC. What to do, what to do I'm stressed and I don't want shoes I don't need another gloss for my lips but as my hips make there way to look I spot a gloss and I'm immediately hooked The sweet lady shows me the lipstick to match I try them together on my hand and immediately snatch them up as I say "I'll take both" "Cushy" liner goes with them you know The Lustre Glass is called Love Nectar and the lipstick called Touch and what I can ascertain from such is, I felt much, much better last night because there is nothing better than new makeup to make a girl feel right. Have a very pretty weekend. P.S. I know it's goofy, but I am having one of those goofy moments and the Dallas Mavericks one last night. Yeah!


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