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Monday, May 08, 2006

I Want More Candy!

If you are not a part of the million plus subscribers to Daily Candy (, where have you been. Not only are the emails informative, but the pictures are Oh so cute! I recently received there new book Daily Candy A to Z: An Insider's Guide to the Sweet Life and I must say I truly love it. I think it's one of the cutest and best guides out there. I also like the size and it fits easily in my tote. I love to read and this is truly a great little gem. I am ready for round two. Now on to a great lip gloss. Because I have a wonderful customer relationship with my beauty sales lady at NM, I decided to spend this week on using the lip gloss samples that she has given me. I picked up a rather cute bowl for spring and dumped all my sample lip glosses, lipsticks and lip liners into the bowl. The crazy thing is that the bowl is almost overflowing with stuff. This morning I decided to use a DiorKiss lip gloss in Praline. I wanted a very neutral color to go with my new gold eyeshadow. I played up my eyes since I have been working so much and I wanted them to be the focus. Let me just say I was wondering why haven't I purchased this stuff before. The color was neutral, but the shine was great. It doesn't have an amazing scent, but I know that it will work great with running and yoga. I must say the color doesn't look like it will work on the sister girls, but trust me it is gorgeous. Of course I filled in my lips with a little Corx and lined them with Chestnut, both from MAC. I'm so hooked that of course it's on my list to purchase for the summer. Ladies go out and try it. I know you are going to love it. Speaking of lip gloss, my BFF, cousin Cassy and I had a conversation last night about lip gloss. Back when I was Houston, we were riding down the street and she said "JP how do you get your lips to look so juicy." I cracked up laughing because I said I used a little Juicy Tube. She was like "what?" The one I had on that day was L'Oreal's Iced Latte Juicy color. Of course, we all know Lancome owns L'Oreal so they make similar colors. But I was telling her that you CANNOT get a perfect lip from one color. I look at all my magazines and every time they show a cover model or model in the pages they list one lip gloss. Ladies we all know sometimes it takes a few lip lines, some feathering of the lips and lots of gloss and/or lipstick. She agreed. I know you will too. So whenever you see your favorite celebrity and they say, "all I wear is this." I disagree. I'm sure you will agree. As always May the Lip Gloss Be With You!


  • At 8:33 AM, Blogger Toya said…

    I *love* L'Oreal Juicy Tube in Iced Latte. It's my "it's the weekend and I just want to add the slightest touch of color to my lips" lip gloss.

    Also, I have that Dior gloss in Candy Apple - beautiful bright red and it smells lovely.

  • At 8:08 AM, Blogger mrblack said…

    Second, is Burt's Bees Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Cream. It is all natural and can usually be found at Whole Foods. I use this one primarily before I go to bed. I don't know why. I was given this as a gift a few years back and I keep one in my nightstand. If I am somewhere and it goes on sale, I try to buy a jar or two. It lasts a long time as well. Third, is the Bath and Body Works Signature Hand Cream in Blackberry Raspberry Vanilla or Warm Vanilla Sugar. I love the consistency, but I also keep this one at my desk. When I need a sweet scented pick me up during the day, I moisturized my dry hands with this one. They usually go on sale, so you can check the web or the store. It has a great thick consistency and the scent is not too overpowering. Fourth, is Ahava. This a hand cream made from the Dead Sea. It is wonderful after a hand exfoliation or masque. Yes, I do put the mask on my hands as well. This slows the appearance of fine lines and hand wrinkles. Ahava can also be found at Whole Foods as well. I hope you enjoy these hand creams. I recently received my June 2006 Town & Country which is dedicated to Philanthropy. Every year the magazine focuses one issue on the art of philanthropy. As I flipped through the magazine I was again touched by how we as people are able to help others who are less fortunate than us. As much as I love beauty products, I also love assisting and touching someone else that's why I love this blog. The issue made me thankful to my mother and grandmother who taught me that you can't receive if you can't give. So, I urge everyone who reads to clean out your closets and donate at least 5 items to a shelter, Goodwill, The Salvation Army or any charitable organization. Please make sure these are items that you would definitely wear, they have all the buttons and so on. I clean out my closets every spring and fall because I know that I will always have more because I give. Every summer I buy a new pair of white jeans, so I always donate last year's pair after I wash and make sure they are clean. Please don't tell yourself that you can't donate any clothes because you plan to get back to that size or it will come back. Yes, styles do come back, but do we really need 10 pair of gaucho, capri, bootcut, wide leg, black pants. No. Also, fall fashions will be in stores in 2 months and we are all going to want something new. So, I encourage you to start your own personal philanthropy. It's not about how much you give or what you give. It is about making sure you give something. After all your hard work, rub a great hand cream into your skin and be thankful that you are able to give of yourself, your time, and your heart. You can't receive unless you open your hands to give. I am blessed to be a blessing.
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